Thursday, June 24

Tips for cooking cauliflower

Here are some tips to avoid nauseating smell that pervades the house when cauliflower is cooked:

Sprinkle a tsp of milk powder over the cauliflower while cooking it.

Cook the cauliflower with one tsp vinegar, one tsp salt and half tsp of turmeric powder.
Add half a tsp of salt and the juice of half a lime to water and soak the cauliflower in it. Drain the waterbefore cooking it.
Wrap half a slice of bread in a muslin cloth andplace it in the pan while cooking the cauliflower.
Add a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice while cooking the cauliflower. It will not only prevent the bad smell, but also retain its white colour.
Season the oil with a pinch of cinnamon and clove powder while cooking cauliflower. For a medium-sized cauliflower, add the powder of five cinnamon and three to four cloves.

Either add a little lemon juice or sugar while cooking the cauliflower.
Cook the cauliflower with a piece of ginger.
Add two or three tsp of buttermilk while cooking cauliflower.
Add a tsp of milk to the cauliflower while cooking it to get rid of the raw smell.
Add a few mint leaves to the cauliflower while cooking it.
Keep a small bowl of vinegar near the pan while cooking cauliflower.

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