Thursday, June 24

Prolapse operation recovery time

Question : I am going into hospital for a prolapse
operation, How soon will I be up and about again?

Answer : Almost certainly you will be up and about the day
after your operation and encouraged to go to the bathroom. You will probably be allowed to shower from day one, and have a bath after a day or so. After the operation it may be difficult to. pass urine for the first few days and the nurses looking after you will take special care of this. All the stitches used in the vagina dissolve by themselves but there may be a few stitches on the outside if you are having a posterior repair. These will be removed seven to ten days after the operation. Most women are sent home or to a convalescent home after their hospital stay and, depending on the type of work you do, you may return to it about six to eight weeks after the operation.

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