Tuesday, May 11

Actor Prabhudeva’s secret marriage

Actor and director Prabhu Deva has reportedly got married in secret. Prabhu Deva, who was a dance master, played the hero in many films. He also drives pictures. He is currently directing Salman Khan starrer Radhe in Hindi. It has been reported that he secretly remarried two months ago.

Prabhu Deva was receiving treatment for a back injury. He was being treated by a female physiotherapist. It is said that Prabhu Deva fell in love with him and the two got married secretly in Mumbai last September.

Prior to this, Prabhudeva was married to Ramallah. They have 3 sons. The eldest son died of cancer in 2008. Prabhu Deva fell in love with actress Nayantara. He subsequently divorced Ramallah. Meanwhile, Prabhudeva broke up with Nayantara due to a disagreement. According to people close to him, it was in this situation that he remarried.

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