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Sasikala release date : Sasikala from Bangalore jail in 2 weeks

Sasikala released from Bangalore jail in 2 weeks. Sasikala release date January 27th 2021.

Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran will be released on the 27th. The AMMK plans to welcome Sasikala in a special way when he is released.

Sasikala released date

Supreme Court has sentenced Sasikala, Sudhakaran and Ilavarasi to four years in jail each and fined them Rs 10 crore and Rs 10,000 each in an embezzlement case. All 3 were lodged in the Parbhani Agrahara Jail in Bangalore.

In this situation, last November, Sasikala and the Ilavarasi paid Rs 10 crore and Rs 10,000 each to the Bangalore Special Court. Following this, Sasikala filed a petition with the Prisons Department seeking his release under the prison rules. While the petition is under consideration, the Prisons Department has said that Sasikala will be released on the 27th under the Right to Information Act.

In this case, Sudhakaran told the Bangalore court, “I have served 92 days in jail from 1996 to 2017 in this case. Therefore, after these 92 days of the 4 year imprisonment imposed on me, I must be released in advance. ”

The court ordered his early release on the 17th. Similarly the Ilavarasi was said to be coming out early as she has been in jail for more than 50 days in this case.

Sudhakaran told his lawyers, “I do not want Sasikala to come out of jail before the Ilavarasi If the Ilavarasi and I come out, Sasikala will have to languish in solitude. The three of them will come out together. Until then, do not pay the fine.

Similarly the Ilavarasi does not seem to want to come out before Sasikala. Due to this the prosecutors did not take any action to pay the fine in the Sudhakaran court and get the princess out. Their supporters said Sudhakaran and the Ilavarasi were waiting for Sasikala to complete his sentence.

It is learned that on the 27th following this, 3 persons including Sasikala, Ilavarasi and Sudhakaran have been released. It appears that the police are secretly consulting on what time to release them on the 27th. It has also been revealed that Sasikala will not allow any of his supporters and political party figures from Tamil Nadu to enter the state of Karnataka within his borders considering his safety when he comes out of jail.

The Karnataka government and police are making serious arrangements to take the three prisoners safely to Hosur Athipalli on the Karnataka-Tamil Nadu border.

With the release of Sasikala, the executives and volunteers of the Amma People’s Progressive Association have planned to march in a car and welcome many. Therefore, it seems that the bi-state police of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are also working to strengthen security in the area.

Salem Bailiffs District AMMK welcomes the release of Sasikala Secretary SC Venkatachalam said: –

Sasikala will be released on the 27th. We look forward to his release tomorrow.

We plan to march in more than a hundred cars to welcome Sasikala in the best possible way when he is released.

We are ready to go from the Salem district to the Bangalore Agrahara Jail to welcome him.

Thus he said.