Thursday, June 24

Actor Vijay’s father S.A. Chandrasekhar start new party after Pongal!

Desiring to bring his son, who is in cinema, into politics, Chandrasekhar registered Commander Vijay’s People’s Movement with the Election Commission and appointed a state president. S.A. Chandrasekhar start new party. Actor Vijay had objected to this saying that he had nothing to do with the party. He also removed party executives loyal to his father and appointed new ones. Meanwhile, it was reported that Chandrasekhar had asked Vijay’s mother Shoba not to register the party as she had resigned from the post.

S.A. Chandrasekhar

It has been reported that SA Chandrasekhar will start a new party in Pongal. It has been reported that Vijay is planning to merge the people’s forum administrators and after today’s consultation, SA Chandrasekhar has appointed 20 district officers. Meanwhile, director SA Chandrasekhar, who has registered the party under a new name, has said that he will officially announce the party after Pongal.