Thursday, June 24

General Knowledge Questions and Answers – 1

The 13th BRICS Summit 2021 will be host by?

  • India

Theme of 12th BRICS Summit is?

  • “Global stability, shared security and innovative growth”

Goldman Sachs Projects India’s GDP Forecast at ___in FY21?

  • -10.3%

Who lifts ATP Year-end No. 1 Trophy for 6th time?

  • Novak Djokovic

Which country to host U-17 GIFA Women’s World Cup 2022?

  • India

Asia’s first solar powered Textile Mill to come up in?

  • Maharashtra

Which Indian delegate attends 12th BRICS Summit virtually?

  • Narendra Modi

Who authored a book ‘Insomnia: Army Stories’ by?

  • Rachna Bisht Rawat

Which company has claimed that its #Covid_19 vaccine candidate is 94.5% effective?

  • Moderna

Who has been sworn in as the first woman Deputy Chief Minister of #Bihar?

  • Renu Devi

India has drawn a five-year action plan for the conservation of which species?

  • Vultures

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