Thursday, June 24

New Corona Virus is spreading in the UK!

New Corona Virus : A new type of corona virus is spreading in the UK. The virus has been shown to spread much faster than the old corona virus.

The UK government has banned Christmas celebrations in the country after warning people about the new virus. Also, it has imposed new restrictions that require people to stay indoors.

Many European countries have banned flights to the UK due to the new corona virus.

In this context, the Union Ministry of Health in India has arranged an emergency meeting tomorrow to discuss the new corona virus spreading in the UK.

The meeting will be chaired by the Joint Oversight Committee of the Ministry of Health headed by the Director General of Health Services.

The meeting is expected to be attended by key officials, including Dr. Roderico H. O’Brien, India’s representative to the World Health Organization and a member of the Joint Monitoring Committee.

The spread of a new type of corona virus in the UK has caused a stir among the nations of the world.

New Corona Virus

New Corona Virus

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